Elektra - Electric Auto Door Controller


Electric Auto Door Controller

The new robust electrically operated Door closer provides outstanding reliability compared to conventional pneumatic door closer system.The main motive to launch this product is to adhere with the state-of-art technology in the automobile passanger transportation’s safety and low cost operation.

This Electrically operated Door closer is easy to use with highest degree of passenger safety and highly reliable in operation.This product can be easily fitted into all types of Mini Vans, Mini Buses and all types of standard buses.

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Technical specifications

# Type Electric Auto Door Opening / Closing System
1 Model * Elektra BFD-9001
2 Door Type Bi-Folding door (LH / RH), Single In-Swing doore
3 Load 30 ±3 kg
4 System Electrically operated with mechanical arrangements
5 Rating 12V DC (15%max variation permissible) 1.8A, 40W
6 Application Vans, Buses, Mid range Vehicles



Advantages over existing pneumatic Door closer system

  • Does not require Separate Air Compressor system and its accessories like Solenoid Valve, Flow control Valve etc.,
  • Mainly suitable for all types of Hydraulic / pneumatic break system buses
  • Low cost operation, Leads into considerable fuel saving
  • Intelligent controller ensures the passenger safety, if any obstacle happens, door will come to home position and thereby accidents are avoided
  • Easy change over from Auto to Manual mode when battery drains or if there is any emergency, just by turning the Red colour Handle.
  • Simple procedure for Installation.

Why Elekra is best?

  • Highly safe and reliable
  • Easy operation thru Toggle Switch by Driver
  • Manual Operation ensured by turning the lever
  • Operated by 12V DC motor
  • Buzzer Indication for Opening/closing
  • Intelligent electronic controller for smooth & safe operation of the entire unit
  • Buzzer Indication for Opening/closing
  • Suitable for all school buses and vans, Staff buses and light/medium passenger vehicles
  • Multiple applications (bifold door, double bi-fold in swing)
  • No pneumatic accessories required
  • Each and every assembly has been tested thoroughly in both mechanical as well as electronically, thereby ensuring the QUALITY in all respects
  • Test Records are maintained properly for product tracking
  • Doubly ensuring the Electronic controller’s safety norms
  • Already 6 Lakhs cycle tested with various conditions, still qualification test is continued, planned up to 10 lakhs min.
  • Technology at its best
  • Fit & forget fail proof system
  • Low cost solution
  • Deliver on your promise
  • everytime
  • Quick response
  • Highly skilled team
  • Service beyond the standard
  • Anytime availability of spares

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